Marie Adelaide de Cicé: (1749-1818) Foundress of the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary

This year the Daughters of the Heart of Mary celebrate the bicentenary of the death of our revered Foundress Marie Adelaide de Cicé. A person weak in her health, timid, dominated by her own siblings, and at one of the darkest eras of World History , the French Revolution, she was chosen by God to confound the proud and raise the lowly. This humble woman whose strong faith and trust in the Eucharistic Lord, manifested in her frequent prayer, “It is the Lord,” enabled her to overcome the critical situations she had to face. With Fr. Peter Joseph de Clorivière as collaborator, she initiated a new form of religious life for turbulent times.
The Almighty has given the world the assurance that Religious life will never be extinguished by the powers of darkness.”

Fr. Peter Joseph Picot de Clorivière (1735-1820) Co-Founder of the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary

On the occasion of the bicentenary of their deaths, the Society in India North Province, conducted a variety of programmes to celebrate and make known their inspiring lives. The latest was in June 2019 for DHM families.
Three events: at Baroda in Gujarat, Nirmal in Bassein and Premankur in Mumbai were arranged to bring families of sisters to the common house and to help them to take part in the rejoicing of the DHM.

Highlights of the celebration in Mumbai:

  • A Welcome with the song “Welcome to the Family”, accompanied on keyboard
  • A prayer service;
  • A Power Point presentation on the lives of our founders;
  • Games with prizes.
  • Sharing by some of the family members on their impressions of the Society.
  • Snacks were served during the programme and a sumptuous dinner followed.
  • A memento consisting of a magnet with the picture of young Adelaide inscribed on it were distributed to each family.

Some of the sharing of the family members of the Society and the contributions of their daughters or sisters as religious moved the gathering to tears. A few of those sharing appealed for vocations to the Society for the type of work done at present especially in the rural areas has to be carried further even to the ends of the earth.


The bicentenary of the death anniversary of Fr. Peter Joseph de Cloriviere began on 9th January 2020.This priest was born at St. Malo on the East coast of France, on 29th June 1735. He joined the Society of Jesus. He was the last Jesuit to pronounce solemn vows in France before the suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773. His active and zealous life during the French Revolution led him to found two religious congregations completely new in form and spirit but suited to the revolutionary times in which he lived. He was wanted by the police for 14 years because he refused to take the oath of loyalty to the new Constitutions as demanded by the Revolutionaries. In addition later, he was wrongly suspected of being involved in a plot to kill the Emperor Napoleon. He was imprisoned and left in the Temple Prison five years.

In prison, he was incorporated into the Russian Province of the Society of Jesus while remaining in France. On his release from prison he was asked to re-establish the Society of Jesus in France and was asked to receive novices. At the age of 80, he worked actively to restore the Society of Jesus and direct the two congregations that he had founded in France: one for men The Society of the Heart of Jesus for men and the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary for women.

His life totally was given to God and to his mission. On 9th January 1820, while in prayer in the wee hours of the morning, the Lord whom he had always loved, came to take him took him to his eternal home.

The bicentenary death anniversary celebration of Fr. Peter Joseph de Clorivière Co-Founder of the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary concluded in the city on the 2nd February 2021.

It began quietly in Premankur, Goregaon, the Provincial House of the DHM India North with Mass and a presentation by 2 Councillors of the General Patsy Kahn and Marie Frings, on the life of the Founder. Around 50 DHM mainly from the Mumbai area, were present.

The year 2020 was marked by the Covid -19, pandemic, big celebrations were withheld but DHM communities of 16 communities made the year memorable. They participated by offering their time and risking their lives, according to the spirit of the Society in order to deliver to people both of urban and rural areas, some relief to people in distress. In a few areas, migration of large sections of people was arrested by distribution of seeds to for to start kitchen gardens and prevent starvation. We thank all the agencies and the many volunteers who came forward to lend a helping hand.

Other programmes that were held at Premankur were: the Golden Jubilee celebration of Gracie Joseph and Yolanda D’Silva on August 22, feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Braving the lockdown, and in a quiet ceremony presided by Bishop Alwyn D’Silva, Yolanda’s brother, the Holy Eucharist was celebrated in the Premankur hall for the family members of the two jubilarians and for the special invitees.

THE CLOSING OF THE BICENTENARY YEAR, two special programmes were held on February 2021,

The first vows of our novice Tisha Fernandes. It was a very moving ceremony made special by the presence of Tisha’s father a widower and her close relatives. Tisha’s dad was especially acclaimed for his courage to offer to the Lord the best that he has: His one and only child. He is a man who has tremendous faith and relies on the Lord alone for his future. He rejoices the Tisha has ‘chosen the better part.’We wish Tisha many blessings on her life in the years to come.

The Second part of our programme, was the official closing of the Bicentenary Year of the Death of our Founder Fr. Peter Joseph de Clorivière.

DHM Greta Lopes at the mike and DHM Thelma Paiva with the special cameras coordinated the programme through Zoom, making it reach the entire DHM North Province, while the real actors took their places at ground level in the Premankur hall.

The programme was as follows:

Sharing by some DHM on how Fr. de Cloriviere has influenced them

A group dance

Curtains down