TIn early March 2020, an invisible virus spread its tentacles from China, withunnoticeable beginnings to rapidly invade every part of the world, stormingsociety with a fire of infection even leading to death. Within days it becamean uncontrollable pandemic affecting the lives of millions of people, affluentand destitute, resulting in lakhs of deaths and unforeseen social misery.India started taking the matter seriously from mid- March 2020 Read more...


The solemn opening of the XXXIV General Chapter of the Society took place on 19th July 2017 in Paris, France. After the intensive preparations carried out by every member of the Society, the DHM now join in prayer for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the 68 delegates who represent the provinces and regions, now actively involved in the deliberations of the Chapter. Read more...

"Not all of us can prevent a war; but most of us can help ease sufferings of the body and the soul." — Ruth Pfau

Sister Dr Ruth Katherina Martha Pfau (9 September 1929 – 10 August 2017) has made an outstanding contribution in the field of health in Pakistan.
She joined the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary and came to Pakistan in 1960 where she worked tirelessly to eradicate leprosy in the country. She is known as the 'Mother Theresa' of Pakistan. Her death leaves a great void for the suffering people. Her services will never be forgotten. Read More...

Adelaide, an inspiration, a presence, a way of life
200th death anniversary

The celebrations for the 200th death anniversary of Marie Adelaide de Cice, foundress of the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary have begun in the current year.
Marie Adelaide de Cice is a woman for the twenty first century, a woman truly inspired by the Holy Spirit to live in the world without being of the world. She reached out to the poor and the sick in all walks of life. Dressed in the ordinary attire of the women of her time, she was actively present to guide the DHM and others living in danger during the French Revolution. She went out of her way, even risking her life to enable those with spiritual ministries to fulfil their pastoral responsibility faithfully. After a fruitful life dedicated to the establishment of the Society, during the imprissonment of Fr. Peter Joseph de Cloriviere, she died on the 26th April 1818 in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.