The DHM North /South Provinces give vital emphasis for the formation of their trainees, in order to develop them :
- in their life of union with God
- to be responsible and available to the needs of others
- to be alive to the signs of the times
- promote human dignity and dialogue with people of diverse cultures
- build networks of solidarity that make for a world of unity in love.

The desire to love Jesus and to make him the absolute centre of one’s life is what enables individuals to leave all and follow him

The total offering of oneself to God in the footsteps of Jesus finds expression in the vows of:

Through the vows the DHM willingly offers:
- Her talents, her capabilities to do God’s will in our world
- Her heart to love as He loves
- All that she may possess in service to others

- Consecration to God frees one For a love that is universal
- A service that is sensitive and compassionate to all people
- To be a sign of unity

No difficulty or danger is counted great for the faithful disciples of Jesus.

The DHM go willingly into places where the people need the presence of someone who will heal

Educate and walk with them to grow in the image of the One whose creative touch breathes life and hope in their hearts

From Mary we wish to discover Jesus the Way, the Truth and the Life.
May his way of giving, encourage us to seek Him and be ready to respond to His special call to follow him